I am not going to make Iron Noder. I kind of knew that I wasn't. But, at least there is the ubiquitous participation medal, for those who tried and fell far, far short. I do still have a few stories up my sleeve, a few nodes to squeeze out before the end of the month. A few thoughts to share.

One thing which I would like to share with all my beloved friends here is that there is going to be a gathering, a get together, a meetup in celebration of life and spiritual progress and, naturally forthcoming publication of Pandeism: An Anthology. Though the book does not publish until January 27, this little shindig will be in Los Angeles, California on December 10. Location is yet to be fully narrowed down, but Studio City is looking likely. The fĂȘte will be graced by at least one of our authors (thought not this one), plus our resident poet, plus our literary agent. Perhaps in the coming months, the book will even do well enough that The People In Charge Of All The Things will see to it that these various applications stop trying to autocorrect "Pandeism" to something else!! Even if, after all, it's only been around 225 years....

A closing thought: The record time for sailing across the Atlantic Ocean is 3 days, 15 hours. The record lifespan for a dog is 29 years, 160 days. That dog could have made a round trip, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and back, 1,483 times.



Today is a very sad day for me. It's my son's birthday 11/22. We aren't in contact with each other at this time in our lives - so it's very hard for me not to even be able to tell him Happy Birthday. I'm trying to stay positive though, I believe we will be back in each others lives again - so it's just a matter of waiting for that to happen.

Grats lizardlaw to be the first to make Iron Nodder!

I am tired, tired, but only one more day of work and then a four day break. Though mostly I plan to work during the break.

1. A backlog of labs and specialist notes and mammograms. All of which have been reviewed, but I send letters about the normal ones and with the specialist letters I like to update the chart. Which all takes time. Too many really sick people for the last month so the routine stuff is all behind.

2. Continuing medical education. I have to do 50 hours yearly and the American Board of Family Medicine has a yearly required bit that I don't enjoy much. Sigh. Due by New Year's.

3. Home. I am trying to reorganize some before my daughter gets home for Christmas, but right now it looks like a library van drove into my house and exploded. Really.

4. Rest, exercise, Thanksgiving dinner with friends, IRON NODE!! Hooray for everyone involved....

....also, it's been really nice having more people around the site, more posting and more chatterbox, and even though the US election has people upset, I hope no one is being driven away or to asamoth. I hope people hold on through this.... thanks, yawl.

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