Just got back for voting against a metropolitan abortion ban that has been somewhat of a news story here in Albuquerque. There are many reasons to vote against the ban, which I'll just list:

  • <1i>The bill was placed on a runoff ballot which conveniently avoids having a large number of polling locations and likely will draw in less voters.
  • The bill spends the first section telling voters why they should vote for it and then several sections later states that the voter's mental health is in no way worth considering.
  • The bill isn't even being sponsored by New Mexicans, but rather by foreign gringo fucks from Kansas who only moved here three years ago so that they could legally be considered citizens.
  • The bill is being sponsored by the sort of religious bigots who probably think women shouldn't even be able to vote and who, at least in one case, think it is okay to harass students on the way to class by yelling in their faces.
  • Then there is the women's rights issue.

It's disturbing when your vaguely socially progressive state is invaded by religious nuts. This just emphasizes the idea that you have to keep pushing back against these sorts of people otherwise they'll squash you.

20 Nov. Update: The city's voters massively defeated the law. Go us.

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