A collection of nine short stories by the father of science fiction, Isaac Asimov. <\p>

A few more details... These comprise "Nine Tomorrows"
--Profession, 1957. (novella) (Astounding, July, 1957.)
--The Feeling of Power, 1958. (If, February, 1958.)
--The Dying Night, 1956. (novelette) (F & SF, July, 1956.)
--I'm in Marsport without Hilda, 1957. (Venture Science Fiction, November, 1957.)
--The Gentle Vultures, 1957. (Super-Science Fiction, December, 1957.)
--All the Troubles in the World, 1958. (Super-Science Fiction, April, 1958.)
--Spell My Name with an S, 1957. (as S, as in Zebatinsky, in Star Science Fiction, January, 1958.)
--The Last Question, 1956. (Science Fiction Quarterly, November, 1956.)
--The Ugly Little Boy, 1958. (novelette) (as Lastborn, in Galaxy, September, 1958.)

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