Young Australian singer, born in Sydney in 1986. Her trademark curly hair auburn (text on her website says she is blonde but an accompanying photograph says otherwise) and sunny disposition has made her a warhorse for tweenager marketing.

Nikki's hits include Strawberry Kisses, The Best Days, Crazy 'bout Your Smile, I wanna be like you from the Junglebook 2 soundtrack and two official songs of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Under Southern Skies and We'll be One. She has also appeared in various musicals, including Les Miserables, The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz (after the Bali Bombing she sang Somewhere over the Rainbow at a memorial service - how sweet).

For those readers who are not overly familiar with her music, Nikki might be remembered as the hero girl who in the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics was performing all those acrobatic stunts over Stadium Australia suspended by piano wire. She was great, but I prayed that she wouldn't fall 200 feet and strawberry kiss the ground in front of three billion viewers.

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