Its been said that "New Leather Don't Smell right". I don't know about smell but, there is something just "not right" about new leather. Leather needs time to break in, and show a little wear. It looks better with age!

Take my gloves. A nice paid of Elk Skin Gloves. Soft, yet thick. Strong enough to withstand a spill, yet didn't interfere with use of turn signals or feel weird on the clutch, hell they are soft enough to not do damage if worn while I polish the knob. They took about 2 weeks of wear before they really fit right, needed to work in and shape to my hand. They started out as this ugly looking yellow, now turning into a nice brown and black in all the right spots.

Works the same with jackets and all leather I have seen. When I first got my gloves, I wasn't sure about them at all. Didn't fit right, didn't feel right. Now I wouldn't think of riding without them. A few more oil spots, and they will be all set.

There is just something wrong about leather that doesn't look like it was thrown out in the middle of the expressway for a couple of weeks.

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