In the series of Devo costumes and assorted plastic bits, the New Traditionalist Pomp serves as the successor to the Devo Hat/Energy Dome from Freedom Of Choice. Designed to replicate JFK's famous pompadour hairstyle, the New Traditionalist Pomp first appeared, sported by Devo on the cover to their fourth album New Traditionalists. The pomp also appeared in the various music videos for Love Without Anger, Through Being Cool, and Beautiful World. The pomps were worn in concerts and in many various publicity photos as well.

The pomp itself is made of injection-molded black plastic, shaped to resemble a pompadour haircut, taken to the extreme. The plastic only covered the front half of the head, so in publicity shots the band either only stood with the backs of their heads well hidden, or with their hair slicked back and dyed black. The pomps were worn with an elastic strap. New Traditonalists Pomps were, and still are availible for sale through Club Devo.

The pomp also had an odd red variation worn sporadically at concerts. One of these is in the posession of Devo collector Michael Pilmer. For the 2004 Nike Run Hit Wonder Tour, Devo made new blue plastic pomps. Pomps also appeared in the music video for Devo's cover of Are You Experienced?, and in the related Honda Scooter ads.

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