The 3M corp. is responsible for everything from the Post-It to the Sharpie permanent marker, packaged under the Sanford brand label. Apparently, the Sharpie, known for its brilliant colors, ability to write on most surfaces, and distinct euphoria-inducing odor is the world's most popular permanent marker. The new Sharpie marker, unlike the old Sharpie marker, has an ergonically designed body, a translucent end that allows you to see how much ink is left in the marker, and a uber tight fitting cap.

This is what I learned today at the 3M luncheon. They gave everyone a new Sharpie marker and a variety of other fabulous office products. It was boring, but extremely insightful as to how much one man in a brown tie with unfortunate hair can know about pens, mechanical pencils, and "sign here" tabs.

It is also important to note: by applying a large amount of pressure to the tip of said Sharpie marker it will break off into your free boxed lunch and stain the crust of the sandwich. However, eating the stained crust will not produce the same euphoric effect as inhaling the marker's odor.

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