Founded in 1379 by William of Wykeham, Chancellor of England and Bishop of Winchester.

The master of the college is Alan Ryan.

The admissions tutor is Prof Alan Ryan.

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A rather older New College can be found in England.

One of the oldest Colleges of Oxford University, New College was founded in 1379 by William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester.

The college consists of several quadrangles. The Old Quad is the core of the original college. Originally two storied, and extended by a story at some stage, the quad is built of sandstone in the medieval style. With an oval lawn, spotted by mushroom fairy rings over five metres in diameter, the old quad is an essential old-Oxford view.

The Old quad is ringed tutors rooms, offices and students rooms. One side of the Old Quad is formed by the main building, containing the Chapel and Dining room.

The cloisters, off the Old Quad are reputed to be the most peaceful place in Oxford. Here students gather in the summer months to work in a self imposed silence. Later in the day the Cloister is a popular spot for drinking and picnics.

The New Quad is a Victorian extension to the college. Three buildings, increasing in size, form the side of the quad, in the gothic style, with entry through the main tower gate, past the porters lodge.

The New Quad contains the main lawn, on which the Marquee is often used, the sunken lawn, and the small lawn. These lawns are for general student use, croquet and bowls. The third side of the Quad is formed by the old City wall. This wall dates back before 1st century, with its foundations possibly much earlier. The Wall bisects the college, between the garden and Old Quads, and the New Quads. The length of the wall, on both sides, is bordered with the colleges main flower beds.

The Garden Quad is built up on three sides with Victorian buildings, in the medieval style. These house the double-sets student residence, and the JCR. The third side of the garden quad is formed from the long wrought iron gate and fence, through to the garden.

The college garden is one of the most impressive views in Oxford. Dominated by its large, and purely decorative mound, the garden is sunken by two metres, with gently sloping sides. Created by Capability Brown the garden is the focal point of the college. Sourounded by flower beds and the old city wall, students lay on its sloping sides working and socialising. The mound, with its modern steps, is thickly covered in shrubs and trees and topped with a bench.

The last Quad is the Sacker building, with the Rooner Spoom (named after the Rvd Spooner, and old New College Graduate). This building is the heart of the MCR.

New College is one of the largest, and one of the richest colleges in Oxford. Oxford is a Collegiate University, meaning that residence, tutoring, catering, social and pastural care is provided by the colleges. Lectures, research and practical work is provided by the department. Examinations and administration is provided by the University.

During the summer months life at New College is lived out on its many lawns and gardens. The college is one of the prettiest in the town and forms a major part of most tourist trails.

New College also has one of the best bars in Oxford. Although the college seemed to have more than its fair share of utter pillocks it still managed to be very friendly and welcoming. Known to be clique-y the size of the college meant that groups of friends tended to isolate themselves from the rest of the college. No unfriendliness was involved in this however, and so the college remained socially open.

Old New College graduates include Hugh Grant. Sorry.

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