Sunlight filtering through the trees in early morning
Casting ethereal streams of light
Rays so visible, I dream you might be able to walk up them
To Heaven, flight by golden flight
"Angel Holes," I used to call em, where angels alight
To Earth from Heaven above
To show the poor, weary souls the way
To the place of the Lamb and Dove

Around the bend on the old dirt road I travel on this gold flecked morn'
Little plumes of dust curl round, clouds
Settling upon my bare, summer callused feet with each step
Like a deep brown, dirty shroud
Thick Foliage, so green and lush it belongs in a royal tapestry
Towers above me in an intricate canopy
Content, thats what I am , in this place fit for a king
There's no place I would rather be

A little father down the antique road and we'll hear
A babbling brook, my final destination
Here is where is begin to free my mind, from the world
I declare my own emancipation
My thoughts branch out like the winding branches of the Oak
Towering like a Castle's turrets above me
Running constantly like the swift river at the forests edge
My thoughts match the flow, literally

Laying in the grass, Sunlight gently warming
My skin, like a broze kiss
Thoughts tangle together, swirling round my mind
They become a pleasant abyss
I lose track of time and place, what I am , I am all
Nature Becomes all
Until from home, I hear the most unwanted sound...
My Mother's beckoning call!

~*~Eva Zander Faith

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