At the moment, it is three in the morning. I have three things I’m supposed to have read for class tomorrow, of which I have read none. I have a webcomic project on which I would like to finally, at long, long last, break ground this weekend. Tomorrow evening there is a Creative Writing club meeting where I would like to read something new I have written, except that I haven’t written it yet. I have a web site project in the works that I need to work on, for a World Literature class of all things, where I will be trying to produce a webpoll kind of thing to allow visitors to vote on where recent famous personages belong in Dante’s nine levels of Hell. And by the slowly advancing end of the semester, I have no less than three more major essays to complete, two of which requiring some degree of research. And I am soon going to lose consciousness due to lack of sleep.

So why is it that the foremost thing on my mind regards the true identity of a misnamed little piece of musical heroin a roommate found on Napster a month ago? It was supposed to be a song named "I Did It" or some such, but instead it turned out to be a couple of guys speaking in bad comedy accents simulating aurally, for comic effect, with the aid of a drum set and a bass guitar but mostly using their own voices, the first four levels of Super Mario Brothers, complete with music, jump sound effects, fire breath and end-of-level time countdown? I have never heard it before or heard of it before, and searches on Google bring up nothing. The MP3 wasn’t tagged so we know nothing about the thing at all. It sounds quasi-professional, and I would love to find out who produced it so I can proclaim their greatness and awe-inspiring goofy-ass-edness to the world. But I have no leads, no clues, none at all. And damn it, it’s driving me crazy.

Now I must leave, as the oxygen is leaving my brain.

UPDATE: We have discovered the source of my obsession! It's by a couple of musicians of minor popularity who call themselves Group X. They either are Arabic in ethnicity, or pretend to be on stage. The song itself is called "Mario Twins," and in the deluge of crappy third-party Shockwave music videos that is the wake of All Your Base mania, it got made into a really quite extremely mediocre Flash animation, complete with the requisite pieces of teenage, geekish grotesquerie that is the mark of all All Your Base-alikes except the original. The song itself is pretty clever, though.

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