A brand name. Used by Nancy Lebovitz to sell Calligraphic Buttons.
These buttons have fun (in my opinion) slogans on them, such as:

  • If you want an answer to that question, you'd better be bringing me chocolate
  • Immoral Support
  • Who put the morning people in charge?

These buttons (two inch diameter) tend to be sold at Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions, such as Lunacon. They are hand-made, with their calligraphy done by hand and hand-pressed into a Badge-a-Mint.
However, they can also be bought over the web from her website, www.nancybuttons.com

I am currently in contact with Nancy in regards to her company's illustrious (I hope) history, and how things came to be as they are now.
I've also added other factual data, which I foolishly assumed to be common knowledge. (Apr.10.2002)

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