What happenes when Goodman\Toddson decide to make a gameshow out of peoples names that are somtimes more then that? Well you get "The Names the Same".

Names the same's idea was quite simple, find people with names that were more then just names (Like "A. Sailor", "Mya Ancle", "Jane Doe", and my personal favorite "A. Dike"). The person with a unique name was placed in front of a panel of 4, and they would ask "yes or no" questions to get a general idea of what it was then they would guess, much in the sense of "Whats My Line". The person with a unique name would get $50.00 if the panel could not guess there name.

Now some trivia for all you trivia buffs....
  • The person who submited the location of a person with a unique name was given $10.00's IF (And only if) the person went on the air.
  • The most common sponsor of Names The Same was Borax.
  • The show lasted approximately a year, then faded into oblivion.
  • Goodson\Toddson decided to capitalize off the growing popularity of Whats my Line and made (what I consider to be) the worlds first television spin-off (/msg me if you can think of an earlier example).

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