Jeff Buckley's Mystery White Boy tour, also known as the Unknown and Hard Luck tours, followed the release of Grace on August 23, 1994. The tours took place between 1994-1996 around the world.

The band, (Michael Tighe, guitar; Mick Grondahl, bass; Matt Johnson, drums) but emphatically their front man Jeff, were renown for improvisational shows which fluctuated from the softest whisperings of a heartfelt ballad to a high intensity radiant anger. Jeff was adept at pulling his appreciative audience in to the depths of his performances, capturing the hearts of those in the room who were grateful for such a show. His band were complimentary, enhancing Jeff's stage presence while remaining dormant forces in the overall sound.

After Jeff's death in 1997 the band dispersed and fans around the world joined in a harmony of woe at the loss of such a life. Cries for new material were obviously pointless; something beautiful however, that although appeared slowly, was to come after Jeff's demise.

On May 9th, 2000, Columbia Records released Mystery White Boy, which was effectively a compilation of songs from a number of performances of Jeff Buckley's 1994-1996 world tour. The songs on it were hand picked by Mary Guibert (Jeff's mother) and Michael Tighe (the guitarist of the band), and emphasised the power and passion of the band's live performances. The songs are a combination of covers and originals, which still all retained the originality and complexity that Jeff injected in to all his work.

Tracks on "Mystery White Boy" are as follows:

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