Musique Plus is the french-canadian equivalent of MTV.

This channel broadcasts all over Quebec and probably in other places too, thanks to satellite TV. I will try not to get too emotionnal about it since I truly hate this target audience driven channel. I know, that's what TV is all about, but this is our youth people! A youth that gets all sorts of trouble because of bad influences, like television.

Sex is SO everywhere in music videoclips...I mean...I should NOT get a bonner when whatching music, it's just wrong. Porn is OK when it's presented as such...but not when it's supposed to be something else. That's just my personnal opinion. It makes girls depressed because they don't look like Britney, and it makes guys upset because they can't get in Britney's pants.

Shows featured on M+ include:

1-2-3 Punk - Punk music
Electrochoc - Electronic music
Rock Show - Hard music
Avant d'être une star - What where some singers doing before they became famous
Fax - News
S Club 7 - Mediocrity, french version
Bouge! - People showing skin on dance music beats
Groove - Same as Bouge! but in night clubs
Specimen - Dedicated to a particular artist, a new one in each show
Box office - Interviews with Ben Afleck and various other movie stars
Hip Hop - Rap music
S.P.A.M. - Sports, Performance, Attitude, Music
Cimetière des CD - Music critique Claude Rajotte says what he thinks of new albums coming out, when they suck, he destroys them in very creative ways
Hollywood PQ - Humour and music - 5
ConcertPlus - Concerts
Infoplus - In depth news
Top Sexy - Sexy music/clips
La Courbe - Alternative music
M. NET - Computers and games
Vitamine Pop - Kid stuff
D - Design show
Megahitplus - Hits, more hits
VJ d'un jour - Nobodies VJing
Dans la peau de... - Nobodies playing stars
Mon premier clip - First clips from now famous people
Décompte MP - Top 20
Perfecto Mode - Fashion show

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