1902 play in four acts by George Bernard Shaw; quite controversial when it came out because Mrs. Warren's profession is that of prostitute and then madam. Her daughter Vivie has spent her life at boarding schools and is a mathematics genius, and only finds out the source of her mother's money after finishing school. Mrs. Warren describes her childhood in the slums and her sister who died of slow poisoning working in a whitelead factory, and her other sister who persuaded her to become a prostitute. Vivie is admiring of her mother's rise at first, but then shocked to find that Mrs. Warren is partners with Sir George Crofts in some brothels and even more so when told that her boyfriend Frank Gardner is her half-brother. Frank leaves Vivie when he finds this out, and Vivie decides to break all contact with her mother and support herself with her education (which her mother's work gave her).

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