The Montauk Project is a fascinating story from the edges of the UFO and conspiracy theory community. It involves nothing less than aliens, time travel, Nazi technology, brainwashing, Aleister Crowley, tantric sex magic, alternative dimensions and the Philadelphia Experiment.

The whole background to the stories is too large to go into detail about, but I’ll attempt a brief overview. The information first came to light from three books: The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity and Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness all written by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon , published by Sky Books.

It begins with the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943, where the US navy was experimenting with making a warship, the USS Eldridge, invisible to radar. Apparently, it was not only invisible to radar, but actually disappeared from time and space, later to reappear at a different location. Most of the crew were killed by being burnt alive or materialising in a part of the boat’s hull. The rest were sent mad by the experience.

After the war, research was begun at Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island, New York, on a project called “Project Phoenix”. This project was run by Dr. John von Neumann. The aim of the project was to work on the human mind using radio waves to see how it could be interfered with. Nazi research on psychology, captured after the war, was used heavily.

Eventually, psychics were used in combination with the radio machinery, which by now was able to successfully interact with and influence the human mind. Using this, the psychics could directly affect the minds of other people. After a report to Congress, the project was shut down due to fears about what was the probable outcome.

After this a secret group alongside the military funded the setting up of a new research facility at Camp Hero (a derelict Air Force station) at Montauk Point, New York. This place was chosen as it had a 400-425 MHz transmitter, which is the same frequency range that was used by Project Phoenix to interact with the human mind.

By 1972, the Montauk Project was fully operational. The technology for all this was provided by a group of aliens from Sirius A. Grays were also involved, as they seem to be involved with everything like this.

It was discovered that by hooking up a psychic to the system, they could produce matter with the power of their minds. Since the user could think of things appearing not only in the present, but in the past or future too, the project began to experiment with manipulating time itself.

Time and space portals were established, with links being established, among other things, with the secret missions to Mars which were investigating, among other things, the ruined cities there.

Research in time travel found that for some reason the years 2011-2013 were inaccessible to the project, and visions that the psychics had of this period indicated that there was no life on Earth. This is coincidentally the date that the Mayan calendar stops, and Terrence McKenna predicts, using his Time Wave theory, that something will happen to time and space.

Eventually the project became entangled with the original Philadelphia Experiment by sending a time portal back to 1943. The projects became entangled in hyperspace, and it became no longer possible to easily separate the two from one end alone. By this point another secret group had decided to destroy the project, but realised it had to be first ended at the Project Rainbow end, that is, the original Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. Introducing subliminal commands to one of the chief psychic subjects, while connected to the Montauk Chair (the name given to the device connecting the machinery to psychics) on August 12 of 1983 the subject visualised a monster that looked like a yeti in the base. This caused havoc and the machinery was shut down, causing the Eldrige to reappear in its normal space and time. The project at Montauk was then destroyed. The survivors of the experiment claim that our universe is actually a newly created branch that separated from our original time-stream at the start of all this mess, back in 1943.

Also, Aleister Crowley famously used "sexual magick" to control time. Similar techniques were used by the subjects to concentrate on the machinery to produce its mind control and time altering effects, and some of these people believe it was Crowley himself who directly influenced, using his powers, the whole project.

I love this conspiracy theory. I don't believe a word of it, but the inclusion of just about every wacky theory out there into one great uber-conspiracy just makes me smile.

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