Make it hurt a little, or go away.
I want you to abuse me,
Show me what you really see.
The angel in the mirror is calling me a liar, a monster.
Evil is too kind a word for me.
Reach into my chest and find the cancer in my soul.

Make me bleed, or don't bother coming here.
If I have to hurt to feel, then I know you can make it hurt so good.
Stinging under the surface of my skin,
Eye to eye with the darkness within me...
Really, isn't it a mercy to know what your heart desires?
You're bruising the rose and kissing the thorn.

Instinctively I reach for you, when you aren't even there.

Longingly I whisper your name into the darkness, knowing you can't answer me.
Only once to hold your hand, to hear you speak tenderly to me...
Visceral and intense, the thought of being near you...
Endurable, yes, but impossible to ignore, this thought that defies my control...

Yearning for you eats a hole in my heart, and I wonder how I'll manage.
Once more the sun will rise, but I dare not hope to see it, because I know...
Undeniably, when I reach blindly for you again, you won't be there.

And the annoying part here is I'm not sure which 'you'.
Forever is a long time to always get what you want.
There have been a thousand of you, beloved fool.
Each one says the same thing,
Repeating, endless, without distinction:

Aren't you awfully young to be in a place like this?
Look what a pretty night this is!
Let me walk you home.

Bluebeard has nothing on me, hiding secret horrors in the chambers of my heart.
Look at me, locking it all away, shutting the windows of these eyes.
I'm just an old pro at this game, and you think you've got a chance!
The one your mother warned you about,
Hades' cold-hearted queen,
Echidna wearing Diana's face.

Beasts may behold beauty without comprehension,
And cowards live long enough to be wise.
Better it would be, infant heart, if you knew:
You should also turn aside.

Misery loves company;
I've heard it too many times.
Now let me go before I have to deny you again.
Eternity is wasted on the wanting.

*Written in answer to a nodeshell challenge, this writeup is by no means representative of the mental/emotional state of the author...but thanks for being concerned. That was nice of you.

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