Fun for the whole family! Well, maybe not.

Working in a meat room can get pretty boring, so Wade (a friend of mine who knows like.. everything, but i still can't convince to check out E2) and I stand around and talk about the first thing that pops into our heads. Usually it's music, movies, or something totally bizarre. This topic was one of the latter types.

Somehow the topic of a monkey with a revolver came up; it might have been something stupid I had done earlier. Anywho, we laughed about it for a while, then the idea struck us. MAKE IT A SPORT!

The game:

There is a red team and a blue team, each consists of 5-10 monkeys, but the team size has to be equal. the monkeys are each given a revolver with 6 rounds, and released into a playing area. The observers are seated above the playing area being bullet-proof glass.

Once the monkeys are released, toy let them go at it. the team with at least one monkey standing at the end wins. This would be a great game in some 3rd world country where they don't care about animal rights, and where monkeys are readily available. Much like chicken fighting, Underword crime bosses could bid money on who's going to win, etc.. You'll know you've hit it big when all you have to do is sit back and count your monkeys.

Think this is a bad idea? You're probably right, this is just something that we talk about in the meat room while we pass time. Damn I love my job!

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