Name given to the Philadelphia Eagles' shocking 19-17 NFL win over the New York Giants at the Meadowlands sports complex on November 19, 1978.

The home team Giants were winning 17-12 and had the ball with under a minute remaining. The visiting Eagles had no timeouts, so all the Giants needed to do was to take a knee on the ball and let time run out. For all intents and purposes, the game was over. However, for some unknown reason, the Giants called for a running play to Larry Csonka. Quarterback Joe Pisarcik didn't hand the ball off cleanly and Eagles cornerback Herman Edwards recovered the fumble and ran 26 yards for the stunning winning touchdown.

The play is regarded as one of the bonehead plays in the history of professional football.

Interestingly, now in 2001, Edwards returns to the Meadowlands as the head coach of the New York Jets (who also play there).

Note: The play is also sometimes referred to as the Miracle OF the Meadowlands or Miracle AT the Meadowlands. However, both and use IN, so I do here as well.

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