I just wanted to share with everyone the facinating story of one of my lunchtime mishaps.

Here's the setting : I'm sitting in my car, eating my lunch. I love my car, and I think lunch is pretty spiffy as well, so I usually get something to-go and eat it in my car. So there I am, sitting in my car, in my yard, eating my lunch.

I leave.

This means I'm driving along, thinking about the great lunch I just had, in my great car that I love. I look down, and AHA! and/or AHOY! There's a bag of Mini Muffins! Boy, I love Mini Muffins, and I think to myself, what could be better than a great dessert to round off the tasty McChicken lunch I just finished?


I'm driving. No way could I ever try to drive while trying to open a bag of Mini Muffins. Not with as much as I love my car. So what do I do? I tear into it with my teeth - grab one side with my chompers, the other with my fingers and pull. Good idea until this blueberry gas explosion nearly blinds me, causing me to go careening into the other lane, almost hitting an oncoming truck. Apparently, the bag of blueberry Mini Muffins had been sitting there in my hot car for a while, causing the air inside the bag to expand, and when I opened them, POOF!

Moral : Always keep a sharp object in the car to puncture the bag of Mini Muffins before attempting to operate the bag.

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