"Mysterious, challenging, and uncompromising."
Carole Callahan

At the time of this recording, Miles Davis was suffering from hip ailments, and had recently broken both his ankles in a car accident. With this in mind, the undercurrent of fierce anger and passion in the music of Agharta might be understandable. Recorded live in Tokyo in 1975, this two LP (and two CD) collection represents the earlier of the two shows performed that day. The companion piece, Pangaea, even denser and darker, was recorded later that evening. Davis and his band of voodoo alchemists, lead guitarist Pete Cosey, rhythm guitartist Reggie Lucas, saxophonist Sonny Fortune, with electric bassist Michael Henderson, percussionist Mtume, and drummer Al Foster create a sonic maelstrom that respects no commercial ideas of melody and rhythm. What you get is a wild amalgam of funk, groove, and Hendrixian "electric church music".

Scorching, searching, and restless. Dark, demented, skaDOO-BAH! This stuff will burn you a new butt hole!"
Warren "Sully" Sulinsky

These guys are cooking up their own brand of two-fisted, high-octane gumbo and if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. The music defies the listener to suck it up upon first listening. Don't put it on at party time, though, it'll clear the room. But, dismiss it at your own risk.

"Man, I don't think I could ever smoke enough weed to get into this shit."
Tony Chachalo

As with all of Miles' electric work, sometimes the spices are too rich for the first taste. Come back again. You may find small doses work best. And don't try too hard to get it. It's (something) like staring at the sun. Better absorbed through the skin than directly through the ears.

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