Soviet cold war ground attack aircraft, NATO codename Flogger B. Single engine variable wing sweep design derived from the MiG 23, optimised for low-level performance.

Low aspect ratio gives good turning performance and low-level stability. Can carry up to 6600 lbs of ordnance externally.

Some additional information to add to MolochHorridus's writeup...the MiG-27 is actually codenamed either 'Flogger-D' or 'Flogger-J' depending on the variant. The 'Flogger-B' is typically used to refer to the MiG-23B, an improved strike version of the original Flogger which used components from the MiG-27.

The MiG-27's ground-attack role cuts its top speed from Mach 2.35 to around Mach 1.7. It retains its internal 30mm cannon, and has seven external hardpoints for up to 8,800 lb. of ordnance. In addition, it has a laser rangefinder and improved avionics that allow it to fire more advanced weapons than its predecessor, including tactical nuclear weapons and R-3S Atoll-D antiship missiles. Not to be confused with the Su-27 Flanker, a completely different aircraft (although also one with strike variant).

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