The City of Methuen, Massachusetts was incorporated in 1726 as the Town of Methuen, and is located in the Merrimack Valley along the Merrimack River. It shares borders with Haverhill, Lawrence, Andover, and Lowell, Massachusetts, and Salem, New Hampshire. Interstates I93 and I495 pass through Methuen.

Methuen shared some of the textile manufacturing boom that drove Lowell's economy in the nineteenth century. These days it is mostly a middle-to-low income residential suburb of Boston. The local consumer economy, once bolstered by the now-defunct Methuen Mall, struggles against contiguous Salem, New Hampshire, which features tax-free shopping, a wide assortment of national chain stores, and the vast Mall at Rockingham.

Methuen High School's colors are blue and white.

You are likely to hear some of the thickest Boston accents imaginable coming out of the mouths of members of Methuen's oldest families.

The City of Methuen holds the dubious distinction of being the only town in the United States with the name "Methuen".

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