MENUS PROPOS ENFANTINS (dedicated to Valentine Gross, dated October 10, 1913)
(from Piano Music of Erik Satie Volume 3)

      Le chant guerrier du roi des harricots: What a jolly king! His face is all red. He himself knows how to dance. His nose is covered with hair. He taps himself on his belly. When he laughs, he does it for an hour. What a good king! he is a great warrrior. You must see him on a horse. He wears a red hat. His horse himself knows how to dance. He slaps his horse smartly. A gallant horse! He too likes war and cannonballs. What a handsome horse!

      Ce que dit la petite princess des tuilpes: I like cabbage soup very much, but I like still better my mother. Let’s speak softly, because my doll has a headache: she fell from the fourth floor. The doctor says it’s nothing.

      Valse du chocolat aux amandes: You will have a little. You like chocolate? Let it melt in your mouth. Mama, there’s a bone. No, little one: it’s an almond. The little boy wants to eat the whole box. How greedy he is! His mother refuses him sweetly: there is no need to make himself sick. Shocking: he stamps with rage.

Satie, the velvet gentleman’s own strange stories on the music itself.

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