The NWN Memetic AI Toolkit is a NWScript code addition to Neverwinter Nights game, made by a team that is lead by William Bull. It was first released in November 2002, and so far there only are developer betas available. "Stable" versions are expected to appear in first half of 2003.

The AI toolkit is intended to replace the creature AI (artificial intelligence) in Neverwinter Nights with something far more sophisticated. The idea is that the creature's "mind" is occupied by memes, that is to say, mimicable ideas of behavior that wait for an ocassion to become active and thus control the creature through the normal NWN action queue. These memes have priorities. For example, a nasty creature's "attack people" meme is important, but if there's no one to attack, "wander around and look about" is activated.

Also related are the events, which are triggered as responses to signals, generators which are bits of code that generates individual memes according to the rules, and sequences which describe series of memetic actions.

The toolkit also offers a debugging facility that saves debug data to server log in XML format.

It appears to layman that this memetic AI system might be a pretty interesting approach to a game AI. At least it is fairly easy to understand. I am particularly hopeful in regards to the future animal AI; the simplicity of animal AI in games in general is pretty bad, truth to tell, it's always nice to see that people are trying to get the predator/prey relationships work and birds fly in flocks. =)

Regrettably, as mentioned, there are not yet that much to see in the toolkit, mostly because there are not that many ready-built memes - this will hopefully get better in time.

However, there is working code already, and some examples of guards getting worried due to armed wanderers and children playing tag, pretty nice... People have also "backported" the standard NWN AI to this system, so the creatures are not entirely stupid.

As of writing, the toolkit's home page is at <>.

(I already saw a bunch of goblins shout "Fear my L33T SkIlZ" in Trial of Spirit, but that was probably just the author's weird sense of humor, as the module obviously didn't utilize this toolkit. In future, however, I need to worry of looting orcs who shout "all your base..." =)

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