You have to start somewhere, so you might as well start here. You know that proverb, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, well this is it, these are the first steps.

How do you know if you are heading in the right direction?

You don’t, that’s the beauty. You find your way as you go.

How’s it go, travel the path least traveled, but the question is, what is the path least traveled.
To that, I think, we may never know the truth. Sadly, the trailhead is over-grown, and only those familiar know the way.

Broaden your scope and you will see it is a cycle with a trigger.

Is it just me, or does time take its time when it knows you are bored?

An idle hand is the devil’s playground.

The truth of the matter is I want to be out in the park on this lovely day taking shot at a net I bought to practice chipping golf balls, but the park staff was adamant there was no golfing allowed. Fucking kids ruin everything with their total lack of concern, and uncoordinated failures.

Clam down, you once was a kid, and still are at heart.

Yeah, and by my own account I was a clumsy, bumbling, annoying little twerp.

This may be true but the children are our future.

Yeah, however, the future cannot exist without a past.

Quickly this conversation turned into something that escaped into the past and you will need to address in the future, which sucks.

No worries just do a little addition and we will be cool.

Man you are kind of a stickler when it comes to these things. It’s like you have some obscene amount of disciple, did you grow up with a Vietnam veteran?

Actually, I did. No lie.

I call bullshit.

I told you I wasn’t lying, you have my word.

Okay, so what did he do, what was his official job, or some bullshit like that?

He was ground support for medevac, which is the military short hand for medical evacuation, but don’t get me in the obfuscated mumbo-jumbo of that shit though. We could be here for weeks. No seriously, you would think it is simple, but in all reality, it’s not. This is why I choose not to dirty my boots, or soon to be called booties with the swift swoop of Obama’s pen. I can’t believe they are or will, I really don’t know if it has been implemented, allow homosexual to be open about their sexuality. At what point does acting queer or flamboyantly gay, or joyous for those frisky troublesome few, accomplish a mission or an objective in the wonderful thing we call war. I have not really thought about this though, but after everything is said in done, how are they going to express themselves anyways but by talking openly about their sex lives. There are strict protocols on how you can wear your uni’s, cammies, your what not’s, and what have you’s, but nothing about what you can say, hence the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. But, didn't I just said I don’t want to talk about the complex.

Why didn’t someone stop me?
Oh, I stopped myself just in time.
Good fore me.

Yep, it’s golf season. So what? Golf sucks.

Because you suck.

Not usually.

I do, but I don’t, it feels good to make that lucky shot every once in a while, and really what are the pros doing, but they have enough skills to look good in between all their lucky shots, and those "that is what I meant to do’s."

Much like a Nautilus genetically discovering the evolutionary spiral we have today.


There are a lot of simple patterns, and number equations that make spirals, do you think that the spiral is the easiest geometric shape to form in nature?

I can even look down in the commode and see the all too familiar spiral.

I have even heard that prime numbers form a spiral, but they are more interesting than just spirals.

Those are all the days in month that are prime. Meaning they should be the most active, successful, and best individual days.

Let us break this down by weeks. Four, three, two, one, two. So, the most prime time of the month, when everything is thriving is at the beginning.

I wonder if there is any scientific proof in all this craziness, or is it possible that I might have just hit on something new and ground breaking shit.

Just be careful if you fish down by the brake not to break your line.

Give it a break already, because really what are you going to do with the 18 different definitions for brake when you include its antonym.

That is many different ways to use a single syllable; another syllable with an outlandish amount of definitions is the word ‘up.’ There 18 for the first listing alone.

These universal words breed laziness; we should ban them from the English language. We can use words like 'above' and 'atop' as substitutions. There is no reason we should reuse the same word 43 times in different ways. There is no need for such repetitiveness it only leads to annoyance.

Well, at least for some.

Some people think it is fun; I am for one a person that does not think it is fun. What, do you think my name is, Mr. Fun?

Well, yeah. You did one time call to work and told them "I am having fun." They then gave you the nickname of 'Mr. Fun' for over a week, and it is still being used sparingly as of today.

You’re so passive/aggressive it is funny. What else is fucking wrong with you?

Everything man, I am human. My Creator created me with no intentions of me being perfect, so I embrace every defect.

So that is why you cuss?

Yep, everyone has that momentary lapse in judgment; it is knowing which moments are the best to be embraced.

The raw feed is coming to end folks, please keep all hands and feet in the vehicle until we have come to a complete stop. Thank-You.

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