"I'm Tarzan. Maxmillian Tarzan. A lone searcher, a wandered in time."

MAXMILLIAN TARZAN: Year 5053. Thousands of bullets. Countless questions. No answers.

A 1999 short movie, directed by Jalmari Helander. Runtime ~8 minutes.

It is not really an amazing science fiction movie - but it does have a background. The title character is a time traveller who is searching for things - mostly, he would really like to know who he is. And everywhere he goes he is greeted by the authorities, who proceed to attack him - and he proceeds to kill them all.

The movie is just what every action movie needs. Lots of shooting, lots of explosions, more than enough all action movie cliches, very well done for a relatively unexperienced movie team!

And I certainly can't blame them for lack of trying in character development. Apparently they forgot that it's only an 8-minute piece and told a lot of stuff about this lead character - without actually revealing what his purpose of existence really was. But who cares! Everyone sees this for the explosions and gunpowder, anyway =)

Maxmillian Tarzan was made before the longer short movie Ukkonen. It was preceded by Jäämies, which I haven't yet seen. The movie can be found in the Ukkonen DVD.

(There are also many things that were taken to Ukkonen too: heavy use of voice-over, for example...)

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