A member of the relatively new MG line of Marshall amplifiers, the MG100DFX is a 100-watt solid-state guitar amplifier which features a single input. The sound is sent through a lone twelve-inch speaker. While there is the obvious option of recording with a microphone, one may also attach a standard guitar cable to the emulated speaker output.

This specific amplifier features two channels, a clean channel and a distortion channel, and the amplifier is sold with a footswitch to switch between the two channels.

For each channel there are separate controls. On the clean channel, you will find a knob controlling three different EQ bands, as well as a button switch to activate crunch distortion, for which there is also a control knob. On the distortion channel, there is also 3-band equalization control, as well as a knob for contouring your tone. There is another button switch for switching between regular '60s-type distortion and heavier distortion, which is fit to please any metalheads in the amplifier market.

The amplifier also includes the following digital effects:
-Reverb effect (has its own separate control)
-Chorus effect
-Flange effect
-Delay effect
-Chorus effect combined with Delay effect

The MG100DFX has a list price of around $600, but can be found online at around $470.

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