today I signed up for this site after finding it last night. How weird that I found it when Googling "hotel room mess". Lol...also I wrote up Uncle Rico is a molester. After quickly having it down voted and deleted, I tried working on it and spent a really long time and I guess tomorrow I'll upload it again. Someone called kthejoker commented on it saying "You are brilliant, never stop." Which at the time of first reading made me feel really good, but now I think they were just being sarcastic, everyone else seemed to think it sucked. The 's' key on my laptop was sticking earlier, but now it seems to be better. My dad came to visit me today. It was kind of weird that we really didn't speak to each other this time, just sort of sat around watching Spongebob Squarepants. He stayed around 3-4 hours. Later Justin went to his friend Warren's house. I fucked around with the laptop some more, trying to get the wireless thing to work but just ended up messing it up so I unplugged the modem and everything and it was ok again. Justin is still at Warren's, drinking. So great, I get to deal with him when he gets back, lucky lucky me. I hate that. Played a little Final Fantasy 13 and then ate some chicken casserole. And yet again I missed RuPaul's Drag Race, well I caught the last few minutes of it. Pandora Boxx went home which made me mad because she was one of my favorites after Jessica Wild who must have gone home in the past two weeks, because now I realize that I missed her. I don't know how stupid JuJu Be is still on there and Tyra is such a bitch. Lame...I wonder who will win? Hopefully not Tyra or Jujube b/c I would be sooo pissed.

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