Earth Hour in Hackerspace in Peel Street, Adelaide. Peel Street is a narrow back street with an op shop, a comics shop and some offices. Hackerspace is in an old shop/warehouse with raw brick whitewashed and arched windows. The format shop selling Zines is on the ground floor. The upstairs room has old couches and some neat seats made with two tyres, stacked and a cushion designed to fit into the top wheel space. Paintings lean against the corners at the top of the stairs.

A group of 15 geeks assembled tables, cables, laptops. Two stationery bikes, a motor, capacitor, LEDs, were put together for making power during Earth Hour. Lots of pedalling, some soldering and tweaking and the LEDs were made to glow. People also had battery, solar and windable lights.

I painted computer keys until the lights went out. Trying to decide whether drilling them for a metal link might be stronger than brooch backs attached with glue.

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