I am slightly fucking pissed off right now. 

Yesterday, at some time around nine in the morning, I get an email (sent to roughly twelve people) very vaguely mentioning a lighting technician job which has just been posted. Specifically, the email mentions the pay rate for the job and that the job exists.

This is not exactly helpful.

I respond immediately, asking for the details on the job. Specifically I ask for what day and time it would be at, and get a response. The response mentions that there are two different jobs in two different locations which use two vastly different systems, only one of which I have ever touched.

This is not exactly helpful.

I email back asking which job involves the system I'm familiar with, and - and this is important - saying that no matter what, I will be happy to take that job. This is literally the only step involved in getting the position, this telling the woman I am speaking with that I want to take on the job. 

She responds with information about which job it was that involves the system I know, and I assume I've got the job. Just in case, I quickly shoot off an email to confirm everything we've gone over.

She responds telling me that someone else has already taken it.

This is not exactly very fucking helpful.

She also responds, mentioning that when the next job rolls around, I'm at the top of her list. That was also the case this time around. Odds are the next job won't be coming around until over the summer (the second job she mentioned takes place halfway through May, for a sense of how far out these positions are booked), when I will be working and living in New Hampshire for three months. I am convinced I will never get a job from this fucking woman. I'm also slowly starting to believe that I would never want to have to work with this fucking woman.

I am slightly angry with this fucking woman.


In unrelated news, a friend of mine is performing in an opera taking place in Cambridge. It runs until April 6th, in case you're in the area and interested. Called Brundibar and But the Giraffe!, it's an opera which was originally performed by Jewish children in a concentration camp during the Holocaust and features a companion piece (that's the But the Giraffe! part of the name) written by Tony Kushner. While I'm sure it's amazing (as far as the cast goes: my friend is supremely talented and has a relatively long history in theater, and she's not playing one of the main parts), I can't vouch for it yet as I'm seeing it this Saturday. Tickets are twenty bucks and up from here.

Also, whoo! First daylog where I don't whine about my sexuality.

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