Project Tapestry
(a bus station)

March 15, 1981

The latest school of poetry becomes the hardest to call a school since it is the school of anarchy and all its members are both productive and alone. They will have nothing to do with each other since they will not consider themselves poets. They only meet and guess at who each of them are. Eventually they are bound in prisons and are brought together for their first salon/last supper and then taken out and hanged.


purely germanic. O. Teut. type is therefore *gutom neuter. the adoption of masculine concords presumably due to the Christian use of the word. The neuter sb. in its original heathen use, would answer rather to L. numen than to L. deus. Another approx. equivalent of deus in O. Teut. was *ansu-z (Goth. in latinized pl. forms anses, ON. óss, OE. O's — in personal names, ésa genit. pl.) but this seems to have been applied only to the higher deities of the native pantheon, never to foreign gods; and it never came into Christian use. (probable source: Oxford English Dictionary)

(another chronology)

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