Oh boy, I have a weird life.

Okay, so I'm working first shift in Dad's shop yesterday, and the Lance/Tom's man comes to stock us up. Before he gets to work, he buys a lottery ticket. Keeping up good spirit, I say "Are you gonna win all the money?" To which he replies, "If I do, I'm gonna buy you a box of extra large condoms." My response was something along the lines of "What the hell?" In my mind I was thinking, "And what the hell am I supposed to do with those?"

He then tells me that when I finally get the opportunity to prove myself (I have only the faintest of ideas what he meant by that...), to only give her a little bit and then run away and climb a tree. He then told me that if she came after me and tried to cut the tree down, I would know she loved me.

After he was done stocking Lance/Tom's products, he came to the counter to get the invoice, and said "My offer still stands, and it always will." On the way out the door, he winked at me.

I'm beginning to wonder how his marriage is going...

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