for the weeknight sound track, monday evening, 10-11p

In the streets they were celebrating. Gaudy flags and cheerful smiles up and down the roadway. The brave men in their trim uniforms and jack-boots strutting arrogantly past to our adoration. 'Twill be a welcome to remember tonight, for sure. And father had called Marie, Marie! Come.. come see the soldiers!. No I will remain here. I am not in a mood for farce, with so many more marching hither. Into this labyrinth we've stumbled drunk with cowardicy and greed. We shan't stumble out again.

And you don't seem to understand

boa - Duvet - 3:23

Just a piece. The day in that fucking heat and all I need now is a piece. Should be a sweet one, yes, in that skirt up to here blonde curled hair to bare shoulders pert tits can't keep that oversized dress up gorgeous. It is so easy now. Once before, once she would have laughed, that bitch would. Now I am a man and there is nothing in those blue eyes but 'fuck me now, in the heat of night, be with me always evermore'. No my little weasel, I will be gone tomorrow with a parting gift. Don't despair though, there are many more marching hither. And all want just a piece.

Recollect me darling? Raise me to your lips.

Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps - 5:57

Oh this town is most promising. Look at those boys' eyes! I can see the visions behind them, the envy. It's so terribly predictable. Tonight shall dreams of battle drums dance in their heads. And tomorrow I will be there, before the Commons. Just sign here, young man. You bring such pride to your father. Such honor to your mother. You see she is weeping, those tears of joy are for you. Do not stare, here, look here, just sign to this line and the adventure begins. You are one of us now, one of many more marching hither. Come this way now, get in line.

We're hungry, beware of our appetite.

Tricky - Hell is Around the Corner - 3:44

Wonderful? Tell me, what's to wonder at? Neither unexpected, nor impressive, nor beneficial. It's all rather boring, actually. But you would be so naïve, wouldn't you? You're sweet like that; so beautifully stupid. I'll give you a hint darling, lean closer now. The governor's mistress hears all sorts of things. Like plans. Pleads. Arguments. Threats. An invasion is such an embarassing thing, you know. We are weak. Perhaps we could have put up a fight against these, but the many more marching hither? No. Shhh, shut up honey, just lie here with me. Here's the secret.

You've got to learn to save yourself.

Garbage - Afterglow - 6:46

Three youths, Vadesh Emenseth, Melné Spanvratem, and Malakhai Milosh were hung on November 7th at dawn for the crime of treason. They were found in possession of contraband literature and recordings. Judgement was passed with the approval of his Honor Menkat Olemsrivan. In accordance with the Martial Law act passed by the Diet a month ago, the property of the criminals' families was confiscated. And in parting news, we... wait, this just in. The city hall has requested a limit to Tuesday and Wedenesday's rations in preparation for the many more marching hither. Your patriotic devotion to Our Noble Struggle is appreciated. Thank you, and good night.

Gravel voices, gaveled lives, testing story, emotional knives.

Jackie Allan and Hans Sturn - Blackwater - 6:46

Write your journal entry below. Remember, in cursive!

Today we had lots of fun.  Lootenent Vanmak came and talkt
 to the class.  He was vary nice.  He told funny storys and
 gave us candy!!!  Then he told us about the meen people.
  The meen people liv far away and hate us.  Thay want to
 kill us.  They are vary meen and we have to kill them
 first.  We all waved goodby to Lootenent Vanmak wen he
 drove away.  I can't wate to kill the meen people!!!!
Very good! Now cursive practice 4b: Many more marching hither for the glory of the King.
Many more marching hither for the glroy of the King!
Many more marching hiter for the glory of teh King!
Many more marching hither for the glory of the...

waaaaa-tchktchk watch it!

Boards of Canada - Sixtyten - 5:48

Get the log books, Svenosé, March and April, hurry now! Honestly, as if we had 'til the Rapture! Now, where were we, oh, yes, you were askin' for my support? You do know you could be shot for this, yes? No no, don't worry, it's of no benefit for me to see another young fool at the wall, anyway the shootin' keeps wakin' me up in the morning. I darn't encourage them. You mistake me though, young man. I have no desire to see this war end. That whir of machinery from behind you? The smell of oil? Progress m'boy! We're gettin' faster all the time. I'll need to open a new lot near Harvashmen soon. When they first came, I said to myself, I said "many more marchin' hither, better set yourself straight Bedek!" And that's what I did, I set myself straight. I saw the changes a-comin'. Why risk this for your pipe dreams. Good day to you boy, good day!

Focus. Your mind will be strong. No distractions.

Morcheeba - Tape Loop - 4:19

I'm going mother. Mali and I are going to Tredeshbruk. We're leaving on the boat. Hush that now, I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm not going to fall over myself to stop your sniffling. Just look at this city. It is rotting, stinking. The armed oafs trapse through the street like it's their own. The garbage spills over from the alleyways. Those statues, those statues you loved so much from the park are gone. Look at me mother! They melted them down for swords, bullets, bombs. And Yanvak won't be coming back. Don't turn away, look at me! He is not. Coming. Back. Why would they free him from that camp, with so many more marching hither? You can leave all this now, if you want. Come with us. We'll be glad to you have on the way.

No? Then goodbye.

Look me in the eye. I'm about to dive. Can you live your life without me?

Garbage - Deadwood - 4:23

The rats left last night. They could smell it coming. Just streamed out, little brown squeeking shits all over the floors, headed toward the river. The people are shellshocked, wandering the streets dazed. The soldiers are nervous. They've tried to keep the word from reaching here, but it's so hard to keep track these days. We did not win at Onomavti. Nor at Harvashmen. They'll be coming soon. So many more marching hither. We cannot run. We cannot hide. We merely wait.

I still see myself in you now. Like a lifetime lived before.

Mono - Penguin Freud - 4:39

Playing in the garden, near the rose bushes, the children were. Heh. Sunny day, sunny day, chase these cares away. Just blue skies up ahead. And singing, they were singing, it was ~ring around the rosie.. pockets full of posies.. ashes ashes we all fall--DON'T TOUCH ME! You get fucking near me again and I'll cut, ok?! Better. You see, the sirens had gone off but we didn't hear anything, nothing at all. And they so wanted to go outside. Such a beautiful, sunny day. Fresh tilled garden, such nice earth, all brown and lush like summer. You can't see what's hiding. You can't see what they dropped you can't see it you can't see it you can't--SIT BACK DOWN, FUCKWIT!! Running in the garden, laughing laughing BOOM! The rose bushes were so red. The news said there are many more marching hither. Maybe they'll step on them too.

The talking trees are silent in a noisy way.

Yoko Kanno - The Singing Sea - 4:39

Come up here, sweety. I'm on the roof. With all the lights out you can see so many stars. Thousands upon thousands. If you lie down you feel like you're falling into them. Such infinite space below us. Such freedom. Come on, don't cry, just watch this with me. I remember it was like this when we were boys. Before they came, before everyone was always talking about many more marching hither. And now the skies are open to us again. You see, don't you? One day things will be as they once were. It's a first step right here.

Constantly saying that it's alright, because lies sound so nice.

BT - Satellite - 5:39

It's raining fire and ash. First they ran for the river, they thought it was safe. The firestorm came and they swam to the middle and crushed and drowned one another. And then the water boiled. They could not get out. I still hear the screaming. The air stinks of charred flesh and despair. Everywhere, burning. Everywhere, sobbing. There is nothing left, just as they wished. The soldiers are gone, fled back to their homes.

Many more marching hither.

Fat bloody fingers are sucking your soul away.

Radiohead and DJ Shadow - Rabbit in Your Headlights - 6:35

Weeknight sound track
many more marching hither

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