He comes for you
Like a thief in the night.

Although there is very little publicity about his antics, Mantits Wikipedian is the popular name given to a certain contributor to the Wikipedia website and a variety of other encylopedia-type websites. He is the one who goes in and corrects various entries when he finds factual errors. He does this silently, usually in the middle of the night, and asks nothing in return. He also never speaks to anyone, although this may be changing.

He is described by those who know him as a man of considerable height (estimates put him anywhere from 6'3" to 6'10") and weight (most figures seem to agree that he is in excess 300 lbs). His stature makes him an imposing presence and he is said to work as the assistant manager of a large bookstore when not combing through Wikipedia and other websites for factual errors.

His nickname, of course, comes from stories about how his breasts, his man breasts, demand constant support and are somewhere in the "D Cup" range. At work he is said to wear a bra underneath a very heavy shirt that conceals any obvious sign of the presence of the bra (such as straps and so forth), but at home he just lets it all hang out while wearing badly food stained old USFL football jerseys and hammering away at his computer.

The reasons he has been attracting notice of late has been an expansion of his activities, one of which involved him coming to E2 in order to correct factual errors in a variety of writeups and then angrily attacking the editorial staff here for missing the errors and for not allowing him the ability to correct them himself. His user name will not be revealed here (he doesn't call himself Mantits Wikipedian, by the way). In a recent outburst he told a certain editor that he did not have time to message individual users and wait for a response on their corrections. This was followed by a threat of bodily harm to any who might refuse to make corrections.

He has also spoken of making a note of upcoming E2 gatherings and then showing up in order to challenge those who make errors, and those on the editorial staff who do not catch them, to manly games of physical prowess. He does not seem to be kidding. He does not have a sense of humor. I mean, he is from Wikipedia, after all.

My advice to noders is to go back through your writeups and check your facts. Mantits Wikipedian is coming and he may be coming for you.

Update: New evidence has been found documenting his original incarnation at Wiki:
Apparently, from what I can gather, he did originally use the Mantits name and then changed it after being banned from Wikipedia for inappropriate choice of user name. The names he now works under remain a mystery.

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