My wife and I went to Atlanta, GA over the weekend to meet a cousin's bride-to-be and to visit a cattery that specializes in the Maine Coon breed of cats. While we were there, we stopped at Harry's Farmers Market, a grocery store with myriads of neat and unusual foods and one heck of a produce department. Every trip to Harry's, I find something that I would never have considered there to be a market for, but which upon reflection makes perfect sense.

On this trip, the item in question was Manischewitz Frosted Flakes. While my wife was examining the pasta selections, I stood by the cart until my eye was drawn to a box of cereal above the kosher food. It had an odd little character on the front (sort of a brown blob with arms and legs as best I remember) with the name Manischewitz Frosted Flakes on the front.

Reading the side of the package, I found that this was made of unleavened Passover bread and had been watched over during the production process to assure that it was acceptable to be eaten during Passover. It had the stamp of approval of a rabbinical group that vouches for its acceptability.

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