The quality of the IV chord in the major scale and if used as such, its tonal center is generally the Lydian mode and is subdominant. If used as a IV chord, all extensions are available.


Root (1), Major third (3) , Perfect fifth (5)


Major seventh (7), Major second (major ninth, 9), Augmented fourth (augmented eleventh, #11), Major sixth (Major thirteenth, 13)

Note that it is generally accepted for a Major seventh sharp eleven to be thought to contain all tensions for the sake of argument unless noted by the composer, arranger, performer, god, whatever..


Thirteenths included in parenthesis

C Maj 7 #11: C E G B D F# (A)

F Maj 7 #11: F A C E G B (D)

Bb Maj 7 #11: Bb D F A C Eb (G)

I'd like to thank kthejoker for his valuable and practical advice.

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