Game company created in 2003 by Tom Darby, primarily to tag his freeware/shareware game, Jardinains!.

Residing at, the site proclaims:-

"Magic Chopstick Games was founded in 2003 by Tom Darby in a fit of mild delusion. Our first game, Jardinains!, was originally released under Tom's name, but it was decided that having an actual logo and clever-sounding name to tag onto Jardinains! and future games would be a Good Thing. Since Tom is the only person involved in Magic Chopstick Games at present, one can safely assume that Tom has latent megalomaniacal tendencies and likes to talk about himself in the third person, much like Bob Dole.

Tom isn't a shill for Viagra, though.

Not yet."

Other then this and a brief spiel about Jardinains!, the site has a logo and a contact link, and that's it.

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