A computer system, unimpressive by today's standards, made by Apple Computer from February 1, 1994 up until April 1, 1996, and was the "home-user" version of the Macintosh LC 575. I personally used the hell out of one as a lad, and it was, in my humble opinion, bad-ass.

But... why? Its Motorola 68LC040 processor cranked out a positively scorching 66MHz, though it was actually 33, no matter what Apple would have led us to believe. 14" 256 color monitor, with built in microphone and speakers. Mac System 7.5. The gleaming all-in-one assembly (total computer weight: 40 pounds) that you just can't get anymore. Supplemented with its enormous 5 megabytes of RAM, double-speed CD-ROM drive, and gargantuan 200 MB hard drive, the 575 was quite the machine back in the day, and opened up the world of personal computing to me. Not really ground-breaking (though it was top of the line at the time of its introduction), but a great source of nostalgia.

And it provides the perfect example of just exactly how much technology has progressed in a short eight years -- this computer cost a whole $2,500 USD brand new -- just think about the kind of computer you can get for that much dinero nowadays, and wait for the realization to crash in on you like a ton of bricks. Regardless, I would probably still take one if I could find one -- it could play Marathon Infinity perfectly, after all, something a 2+ GHz Windows XP machine could never hope to do.

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