The terminal emulator program for Microsoft Windows that starts you off with the ever-so friendly "c:\windows" prompt. It gives you access to whatever power there is behind windows.

The MS-DOS prompt is seen in the old DOS versions of Microsoft's operating system right through the latest and greatest Windows 2000.

To customize the prompt in DOS, you must modify the AUTOEXEC.BAT file or just type the following commands and switches at the DOS prompt. The normal default message installed is PROMPT $P$G, which gives you the old C:\DIRECTORY> that you're familiar with.

PROMPT Switches

Switch        Results
$Q            = (equal sign)
$$            $ (dollar sign)
$T            Current Time
$D            Current Date
$P            Current drive and path
$V            Windows version number
$N            Current drive only, no path
$G            > (greater-than sign)
$L            < (less-than sign)
$B            | (pipe)
$H            Backspace, erases previous character
$E            ASCII code 127, Escape
$_            Carriage return and linefeed

If you just type PROMPT by itself, it will normally default to $N. Also, you can add any message. Type PROMPT Good Morning Dave$G and you get:
Good Morning Dave>

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