For today, I will love my flaws.

I love the brown sunspots on my fair white skin and the flaky, scabby, irritated spot on my nose, because they are reminders of carefree days spent frolicking in the sun.

I love the little hump on my nose, because it is my father's nose, and I adore him.

I love the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, for they are reminders of the laughter shared with friends and family.

I love my stomach, even with the layer of abdominal fat, because I carried five beautiful sons in that belly.

I love my deeply set blue eyes, for they speak of my German heritage.

I love the dark circles under my eyes. I have the freedom to go to bed whenever I choose, and they are a reminder of that freedom.

I love my large hands, though they are unusually so for a woman. They are still graceful yet strong, another gift from my father.

I love my muscular calves, because they carry me wherever I need to go, no matter how far.

I love my tall body, the antithesis of my mother's petite one. Even though I am taller than most men and my height intimidates many, this body has given me the strength to raise my five big, rambunctious sons, and has provided shelter for my soul.

I love my soft, southern voice, even when others find my way of talking quaint or funny, especially those who have only known me by my "cyber" name, Harley. It seems they expect me to have a rough, gravelly-sounding voice. My upbringing gave me this genteel voice, of which I am unashamed.

I love my scars, because they remind me that even when I am hurt I can recover.

Yes, for today, I will count all these flaws as blessings, and more.

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