Here's a mess of factoids about Veruca Salt's Louise Lightner Post. I gathered and paraphrased it from reading a bunch of teeny-boppers' fansite shit so I can only give credit by saying it was probably second hand Rolling Stone data.

She was born on December 7, 1966 in St. Louis, Montana.

Her parents split when she was nine, a period she calls her "pot smoking days".

She dated Billy Cusack (brother of actor, John Cusack) for a long time. It was he who told Louise to pursue a job in recording.

Her father often sang 'Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise' to her, and still will on request.

She likes cats, and has owned serveral. The death of one of her cats led to the writing of 'Wolf' on the American Thighs album.

She suffered a ruptured disc in her neck, between the sixth and seventh vertebrae, during a tour in 1995.

The song "Shutterbug", written by Louise, is referring to Alison Dyer, a DGC photographer.

Louise usually plays her Les Paul through a hyperfuzz pedal.

She doesn't wear lipstick cuz it dries her lips.

Louise wears Egyption Musk perfume which she imports from Hawaii.

Louise enjoys taking pictures of the audience during concerts.

"Well here's another clue if you please, The seether's Louise".

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