Louis Hebert (Hébert) was born near Paris in 1575. He was the apothecary in Port Royal, Nova Scotia from his arrival in 1604 until he moved to the town of Quebec, arriving there on July 15, 1617. Louis Hebert passed away January 25, 1627 (at least one reference says he died on January 23, 1627).

Louis Hebert is generally considered to be the first Acadian farmer.

Louis Hebert married Marie Rollet (b 1588; d May 27, 1649) in about 1602. The marriage produced three children - Anne, Guillaume and Guillemette. Their only son, Guillaume Hebert (b 1604(?); d July 23, 1639) married Helene Desportes (b July 7, 1620; d 1675) on October 1, 1634) in Quebec. They also had three children - Joseph, Francoise, and Angelique. Joseph died without leaving any heirs (he was captured, tortured and killed by the Iroquois in about 1539). He was the last descendant of Louis Hebert to have the Hebert surname.

Guillaume's daughter Francoise Hebert (b 1638; d 1716) married Guillaume Fournier (b 1619; d 1699) on November 20, 1651 in Quebec City. They had fifteen children named Gilles, Marie, Agathe, Jacquette, Joseph, Marie Madeleine, Jean, Simon, Pierre, Francoise, Louis (died at 18 months), Louis (again), Madeleine, Charles and Jacques.

Francoise Fournier (b May 2, 1671; d July 16, 1734) married Jacques Boulet (b February 6, 1664; d May 1, 1738) in St. Thomas, Quebec on April 21, 1686. Jacques Boulet was a child of Robert Boulet (b 1630 in Loise, France; d March 24, 1707 in St. Thomas) who arrived in New France (i.e. present-day Quebec) from the Normandy region of France in 1662.

I'm a direct descendant of Jacques Boulet and, hence, also a direct descendant of Louis Hebert.


  • "Nos Familles" (a family tree of the Paradis, Fortier and Boulet families prepared as a Centennial Year project for Canada's 100th birthday (1967)); no author/editor on the document (apparently primarily the work of someone on the Paradis side); unpublished

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