Since 1993, a New York City concert series in which downtown indie folk get together to cover comforting old-school standbys as diverse as Henry Mancini, the Kinks and Queen. Founded by WFMU DJ Nick Danger and perpetual sideman Joe McGinty at the Pink Pony, then moved to Fez under Time Café and now perform every couple of months at the Westbeth Theatre Center. McGinty remains the managing genius of the whole circus, and the Kustard Kings perform admirably as backup.

Recurring performers include Dennis Diken (of the Smithereens), Sean Altman (Rockapella), Connie Petruk, Robin Goldwasser, David Driver, Ed Rogers, Kiki DuRain and Tricia Scotti. Various members of They Might Be Giants have been known to grace the festivities with their presence, as well.

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