Little thing. Testing this out. Feedback is appreciated.

"Go ask Krynu for the blessing," Mama said. She hefted up a basket of vegetables. "I'm going to the market today, and we need the blessing to make sure we sell well."

Loey didn't want to, but she knew it was no use arguing with Mama. But she hated asking Krynu for anything.

Loey went to the other room where Grandma was sitting in the corner, staring off at nothing, slumped in her chair. She had blankets piled on her lap and strings of colored beads looped around her neck.

"Mater Krynu," Loesia said, her hands balled into fists. "Mama wants the Market Blessing."

Grandma's eyes flicked into focus, burning with light, and a hard smile broke out across her face. She sat up and eyed Loesia.

"What will you give me for it, little frog?" Krynu said in a raspy voice.

Loey hated it when Krynu called her a frog, but she clenched her fists and smiled back.

"Mater Krynu, I'll give you my thanks and my love."

Krynu laughed with Grandma's voice, threw back Grandma's head, and slapped Grandm's knee.

"You know, little frog, I don't buy that for a second, but since I'm such a good person, I'll give you the blessing anyway."

Krynu bent forward and Loey felt Grandma's lips gently kiss her on the top of the head. Her skin fizzed with magic where Krynu kissed.

Krynu saw the look on her face after and laughed again. "Go on, little frog," he said. "Go sell all your eggs and veggies at the market. Buy me a rice cake with some of the money you make. Give it to me when you get back. That'll be my thanks."

"Yes, Mater Krynu," Loey said.

Grandma's eyes flicked back in her head and she sagged. Then she blinked, and when her eyes focused, it was just Grandma again. She smiled an entirely innocent smile and grinned.

Loey relaxed and gave Grandma a hug. She may have hated Krynu, but she loved Grandma. "I'm going to the market now, Grandma," she said slowly.

Grandma nodded, still smiling, and sat back in her chair to nap. Loey left her, and rubbed the spot on her head where Krynu had kissed.


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