And the stars up above

Directionless and drifting



I am, I admit, a sucker for alliteration.    A series of syllables that flow together are a cheap literary device, I know, 

but it never fails to catch my attention, especially when spoken out loud, or sung in an honest- soulful manner.   


The title of this piece,  stolen, without permission from the singer listed below,  is only the most recent example of a phrase that grabbed onto me and wouldn't let go.    There are so many others, more than I can count.    


The point, I suppose, is that it is both a set of sounds  (a pair, bookends) and a specific set of images.    The syllables that fit just so,  hand into glove,  we repeat in our mind in the same way that we hold the taste of expensive chocolate on our tongue- long after the confection melts.    We replay the sensation over and over again.  The repetition does not diminish it.  


So it is to think of Leviathian.  

Something large and dangerous and beautiful.  

The love, the longing, the loss.  


All of those.  Each and every image.  Each and every memory.  









And rusting far below me

Battered hulls and broken hardships

Leviathan and lonely
Josh Ritter - Change Of Time

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