It’s hard, it’s heart wrenching, but you got to do it. Let things go, learn to be alone. I am so sick of everyone whining about their lives when the solution is out there. You are not happy with your significant other– talk it out, or leave. There is nothing wrong with being alone. You think you are fat -- diet. You feel sad – cry, let it out. It’s all out there, look within your self for that inner strength to have faith in your own person. Learn to cry, learn to laugh, learn to give someone a hug. Learn to understand those you hate, learn to let go of those you love, learn to stop obsessing over every little penny, learn that the human race has survived for this long – dealing the same shit you are dealing with. Learn that you are never truly alone. Learn to fight for some things till the end, learn to let some things go, learn to distinguish between the two. Learn to laugh at a bad joke, learn to tell someone that they are pissing you off. Learn to talk to your parents. Learn to love. Learn to give up love if it’s the right thing to do. Learn to take, learn to give. Learn to make love in the morning.

Look, you have so much you need to do, get off your ass and do it, you have a full schedule ahead of you, is it worth to let trivial matters complicate your life?

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