(See also Last Ninja 2)
(My almost-yearly lyrics posting bit, bear with me =)

Yet another of the "songs inspired by computer games that Need to be Heard". =)

A song made by Puffy64 and the rest of the gang. Sung by Steffen Wirth. This song can be found from The Last Ninja 2 Tribute CD, currently only available in MP3 format as a download from <http://www.puffy64.de/>, and also from the usual place, <http://remix.kwed.org/>. This song is the only completely original song in the collection, all others are remixes of Matt Gray's original C64 music.

I find this song somewhat strange. It is somewhat faithful to the game's musical style (a little bit more repetitititive, though). It is a very beautiful song, actually. Not bad at all. But yet, at the same time, the lyrics are based on an age-old Commodore 64 game. You know, you have to be a geek to appreciate this thing fully, because others will find the lyrics somewhat, um, unfitting for a beautiful song like this. Here's a nice song, and the guy's singing something about ninjas and zillions of enemies. =)

(The only problem I've seen with this song is that all versions I've seen are 5 minutes precisely, and seem to start from end of the intro. The rumored intro speech (in Japanese, apparently left untranslated to fool the gaijin =) isn't in these versions...)

Oh, and as you can see, there's one stanza for each level in the game, apart of Streets and Sewers, and the Mansion and The Final Battle.

I have removed the lyrics due to the copyright policy. I will ask the author for permission to node them...

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