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I grew up with the internet. Unfortunately, this means that as a young child notions of paranoia were firmly planted in my psyche regarding the internet... so you probably will never find out much about me. I live in Texas and I'm postpubescent. And I'm a woman. I grew up with the military and, despite my apparent penis-handicap, am a boyscout. If you can't tell from my scratchpad, I enjoy studying Latin and Roman history. I also study calculus, C++, and jazz.

If you think there's something strange about me, keep in mind at last count I had: one emotional disorder, one personality disorder, and one learning disability. I also share this account with my roommate who has an irrational fear of the internet which provides for some interesting times.

I'm a newbie and kto9 has been very helpful as my mentor to answer all my questions and to read all the boring Roman history I write about. ;)

100% of my writeups are factual writeups

Thing I'm keeping so I feel good about myself! :)

pylon says re Augustan Reforms: Beautiful writeup! I am impressed for a first writeup! You are going to fit in perfectly here! :o) I just finished a course in Roman Civilization and we covered these, so it was a familiar read. Job well done! :o)

The Debutante says Good to have another latinist/ancient historian around :)

Excalibre says re Augustan Reforms: shucks! good stuff, man. or woman. or neither.

Randofu, Excalibre, and kto9 just cooled my Augustan Reforms writeup, thanks guys!

IndigoSky and kto9 just cooled my Marriage in Ancient Rome writeup, thanks!

Yo, the entire node Catullus 11, in which I have a writeup, was editor cooled. I know I'm cooler than liquid nitrogen.

legbagede just cooled my Catullus 11 writeup, thanks!

Gorgonzola just cooled my Percy Grainger writeup, thanks!