Lake George is a popular vacation area in Upstate New York. Its central location in the Adrondacks makes it a very desirable place to visit for anyone who enjoys the outdoors or American Revolutionary War history. It is home to an amusement park called The Great Escape, formerly known as StoryTown, USA. An interesting bit of trivia is that StoryTown, USA actually predated Disney.

If you plan to vacation in Lake George, make sure you take the time to climb up Prospect Mountain and also bring about eighty dollars to ride the parasail. If you have the money it is also fun to ride the Minne-Ha-Ha, because it is a paddle boat, powered by steam; and you will get a good tour of the Lake itself.

The area is rich in American History. You used to be able to view actual human remains on display at Fort William Henry, which was the site of a huge massacre in colonial times. These days you will have to settle for the occasional cannon firing.

The night life in Lake George leaves a bit to be desired, but during the summer time they do have fireworks every Thursday night. Try Neptunes for live bands, the Bull Pen if you like sports bars, or the Garrison if you like pool.

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